Black water, like reflectionless glass.
Absolute leaden stillness.
Skip stones across me and see expected ripples
Wink out of exsistance with uncanny speed.
The stones sink soundlessly as if swallowed.
Curiosity turns to bravado.
Jump in and splash about,
Kick and stir up the surface, yet
Your waves seem insignificant as they quickly dissapear.
Dive into the murky depths only to find
Still waters run deep.
The bottom, soft and clayey mud.
It sucks at your feet;
Greedy, unwilling to give up its latest prey: you.
Now panic and struggle wildly for the air above,
The icy water biting your skin,
Eating you alive.
Your lungs, scissoring in the vaccuum of your chest like razors.
Not enough air,
Not enought time.
Break the surface, coughing and sputtering.
Glad to feel the sun on your face,
Glad to just be.
But you are changed.
See the deathly still water and shudder.
Stick to skipping stones.

Julie -September 1999

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