I sit in this room and gaze out my window
At the word so full of life
The door quietly opens and it's my mother.
She tidies up a bit as she always does;
'I love you darling.' ,she says to me.
And looking out the window, I whisper,
'I love you too.' But I know
She is already gone.
Now here beside me, a man, my love.
He takes my hand in his and I almost feel
The ring on my finger with those words fading fast
'Will you marry me?'
'Yes.." I whisper to no one.
Suddenly a tiny whirlwind flies in through the door
Like a breath of fresh air, my child, my beautiful, vibrant child.
Jumping up and down on my bed, chanting,
'Mommy!Mommy! Can I go out and play!'
It's a beautiful day I see through my window.
Softly I say 'Yes.."
A tear escapes and runs down my cheek
But my eyes remain focused on the world outside,
Because I know there is no one there.
And I am alone in this room,
Four bare walls that echo my dreams
Never to exist

Julie -April 30 1997

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