You held my heart in your hands.
But it wasn't enough; You wanted it all.
I loved you then; and relutantly gave it, fragile as it was.
And in your hands, my heart, oh did it sing.
Such joy I knew as never before.
Blind in my happiness, carelessly in love.
I was a fool.
For I did not see it coming, that moment,
When you visciously ripped it in half.
And with that, you wallked away without a word.
Without even a backward glance.
I cried.
Until I was empty; No tears, no heart, nothing.
But I want it back you son of a bitch.
Did you throw it away?
Or did you keep it to laugh at.
I really don't care but I want my heart back.
I am tired of this emptiness,
But bitterness has made me strong.
So watch your back, because I'm coming.
And I don't love you anymore.

Julie -May 14, 1997

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