I have many faces.
Masks, if you will; Which I can change on a whim.
I wear them in layers.
They protect me.
As the shell of an oyster protects the tender flesh inside.
My masks are my armor,
And I will never discard them.
For they are as much a part of me
As is this heart which pumps the blood through my veins.

I laugh at those who believe they have seen through my diguise.
I am the consummate actress.
And the world is my audience.
But I have become part of that very audience.
Even I cannot see myself anymore.
Nor do I care to.
In this I find comfort.
No more pitiful longing to be that which is inside me.
For now there exists A blissful void.

So be satisfied with what you see.
And I'll be anything you wish;
But probe too deep and I'll run
So fast you'll not realize I've gone.
The only remnant left there in your hand
An empty mask.

Julie -April 30 1997

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